Victorian Conservatories Double Hip Victorian design is the stand-out favourite

 Classic three bay Victorian Dwarf wall Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory  Details

When it comes to Conservatories, the Victorian design is the stand-out favourite. Able to seamlessly blend with every type of home, whether it's a vintage property or a modern build, no other model imparts the quintessential Conservatory appeal quite like this one.

The Victorian Conservatory remains the most sought-after variety. What makes it a universal fit is its ability to complement traditional and contemporary homes alike. Unsurprisingly, when the discussion turns towards Conservatories, the Victorian style is often the first that springs to people's minds.

The distinguishing features of the Victorian Conservatory include an ornate ridge detailing, a dramatically sloped roof, and a bay front. Constructed with long lasting contemporary materials like uPVC and colours of your choice, today's Victorian Conservatories are designed with longevity in mind.

When exploring Victorian Conservatory options, you'll commonly encounter two popular varieties - the three-facet Victorian and the five-facet Victorian. Also they can be installed on Bungalows using a Box Gutter, called double hip Victorian Conservatory. The three-facet style is characterized by a bay front with three primary windows arranged at generous angles, while the five-facet version has a similar bay front, but with five main windows for more expansive views.

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